“Unity in Sustainability” seminar took place at Raffles University on 12th July 2023. Organised by Raffles University Student Representative Council, under supervision of Ms. Thivya, the event brought together students from various faculties to showcase how sustainability applies to different paradigms and raise awareness and achieving our collective goal of unity.

The seminar aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), provided a platform for the students at Raffles University to present their innovative ideas and projects that contribute to the global goals. These SDGs serve as a universal call to action, urging the world to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure peace and prosperity for all by 2030.

The event commenced with an inspiring opening remark by Assoc Prof. Greg Pritchard, the President of Raffles University, who emphasized the importance of sustainability and the role of education in driving change. During the event, Mr. Ben TEO, the Managing Director of Topflow Engineering Sdn. Bhd, share us the exciting news of their sponsorship on Food Composting Machine to Raffles University. He expressed his company’s commitment to promoting sustainable practices and highlighted how the composting machine would play a significant role in reducing food waste on Raffles Medini campus. 

Let’s delve into the highlights of the event:

🌿 Sustainable Architecture and Interior Design Case Studies: The Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) students, TAN Jing Xiu, TAN Qian Tong, and CHEONG Kai Xiang, presented their remarkable projects that demonstrated sustainable design practices. Through these case studies, they showcased innovative approaches to creating eco-friendly and pleasing spaces.

🌿 RU Green Project: TEO Li Ting and LEE Wan Yu, Bachelor of Multimedia Design (Honours) students, presented their sustainable design project, the RU Green Project. Focusing on promoting environmental consciousness through multimedia platforms, their project aimed to inspire individuals to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives.

💼 Sustainable Business Plan of Disneyland into Malaysian Market: LAW Yong Xiang and CHONG Jian Yan, Diploma in Business Studies students, presented an innovative business plan that aligned with sustainable principles. Their comprehensive strategy addressed environmental considerations and ethical practices, emphasizing the importance of sustainability in the business sector.

🌍 Environmental Protection and Ethical Practices: Raffles students from Bachelor of business administration (Honours) and Bachelor of Supply Chain Management (Honours), consisting of Connie LIEW Zhi Xin, Darsini A/P RAMESH, HENG Le Ting, and TUYO Wen Hao, discussed the significance of environmental protection, decent work, and economic growth. Their insightful presentations shed light on the interdependence of these factors and the crucial role they play in achieving sustainable development.

🎭 Cultural Performances by Cogito Ergo Club: They are comprising talented individuals passionate about celebrating diversity, showcased various traditional dances, music, and theatrical performances.

Other than the projects showcased during the seminarthere are also pop-up preloved stores from the RU Fashion Club and RUID Yard Sale, which provided opportunities for sustainable shopping, promoting the idea of reusing and reducing waste. 

In a display of diversity and creativity, the mini fashion show brought together models from various disciplines of Raffles University. Some of the designs featured environmentally friendly concepts, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The hand bags sponsored by Miuse showcased sustainable bag designs. The mini fashion show highlighted the commitment of Raffles students to the SDGs and demonstrated that positive change can start with individuals. By incorporating sustainable practices into fashion.

As the event ended, Ms. Thivya, the chairperson of the Unity of Sustainability Seminar, delivered a heartfelt closing remark, expressing gratitude to all participants, exhibitors, and supporters. Attendees had the opportunity to enjoy light refreshments while reflecting on the impactful discussions and impressive projects showcased throughout the day. 

Raffles University extends our heartfelt appreciation to the sponsors and supporters, Miuse, Topflow Engineering Sdn Bhd, and Kelab Alami, whose valuable contributions made the “Unity in Sustainability” seminar possible. Raffles University and its passionate student community have once again demonstrated unwavering commitment to sustainable development. Through initiatives like activities, we believe that positive change can be achieved, one step at a time.

Raffles University and its passionate student community have once again demonstrated unwavering commitment to sustainable development. Through initiatives like activities, we believe that positive change can be achieved, one step at a time. It blurred the boundaries between disciplines and showcased the potential for collaboration and inspiration across various fields of study. Raffles students showcase their innovative projects and ideas aligned with the SDGs.

Special Shoutout to

SRC Committees and helpers:

1. Arulles Manivannan 
2. Harith Zidan bin Aripin 
3. Thevaharinee A/P Saravanan 
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