Professional Attachment

Be Industry Ready

Professional Attachment

Raffles University Centre of Professional Development actively looks for Professional Attachment / Internship opportunity. Throughout the years 

assists students from Raffles University in seeking Professional Attachment/ internship opportunities. CPD will provide internship briefing and sharing sessions for the students before beginning the stages of the internship. CPD will also guide them until the students finish their internship.

With the intricate knowledge of the industry, we are able to maximise our training to ensure a constant flow of competent professionals into the industry. In addition, our students are able to find jobs of their choice. In this way, we fulfil the career goal of our students and cater to the needs of the industry.


Professional Attachment Opportunities

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Professional Attachment Briefing

Internship Briefing will be conducted every semester at Raffles University, compulsary for all Raffles Students who are attending the internship.

Professional Attachment Visit

The RU CPD will organise an internship visit to ensure the students are conducting internships in a safe and good environment.

Professional Attachment Support

RU CPD will provide internship counselling and support for Raffles students who are facing challenges during the internship