Executive Programmes

EXECUTIVE Programmes

Raffles University Centre of Professional Development works with other industrial trainers to offer executive programmes. The executive programmes are professional programmes that are specially designed for targeted skills in the industry. It promotes informal learning among the workforce who wish to further rebuild, reinvent and re-strategise their career.

The executive programmes are specially designed programmes for targeted segment and the programmes are not accredited by Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA). The duration of the executive programmes varies depending on the industrial trainers. The role of RU CPD is to ensure the quality of the programme is up to the standard of the industry.



Raffles University also offers executive programmes in China. These programmes are designed for experienced professionals across various industries, including manufacturing, health management, fashion, education, engineering, economics, and finance. They are tailored to facilitate career progression by providing a deeper understanding of ethical, practical, and global workplace dynamics.


Raffles offers a team of dedicated education consultants and student services to assist students with all their programme inquiries and the admission process. Do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance you may require.

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DRM Psychology

Deruimu, the leading brand in the Chinese applied psychology industry. For the past 23 years, Deruimu has been deeply involved in the applied psychology industry, delving into areas such as “psychological counselor training, psychological counseling services, enterprise EAP services, psychological health technology, big data, and internet psychology.”

Deruimu is spread throughout the country, with 13 major campuses nationwide.  It has already trained more than 100,000 psychological counselors and various types of talents in the applied psychology industry, with nearly 200,000 alumni spread across the country.

Saiyou Education

Saiyou Education was founded in 2014 and is a subsidiary company of a publicly listed company in Hong Kong. It is dedicated to lifelong education for working professionals and is committed to providing high-quality education programs and services to enhance their competitiveness.

Saiyou Education builds partnerships with well-known higher education institutions around the world. It develops educational products in various fields, such as family education, psychological counseling, business administration, and human resource management. After nearly ten years of development, Saiyou Education has almost 400,000 students and over 20 branch offices around China.



EduTech (EduTech Sdn Bhd) is a well-known Entrepreneurship Institution in Malaysia that aims to be the “second home” of entrepreneurs. Through the Entrepreneurship Models taught by Dato Wira Calvin Chiu, the institution has continuously led the success of thousands of entrepreneurs every year. 

Chief Executive Masterclass in Business Administration (CEMBA) 
Duration: 8 Months
Language: Chinese


The Senior Executive MBA (SEMBA), jointly offered by MBA CEX and Raffles University Centre of Professional Development is a (Non-MQA) masterclass in business administration programme designed for senior executives that upholds high professional standards and follows a business-oriented and practical approach. SEMBA, therefore, is well accepted by commerce in the private sector.

Senior Executive MBA (SEMBA)
Duration: 8 Months
Language: English

My flex Health

My Flex Health and RUCPD offer programmes in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, which can lead to roles within the healthcare industry locally and in a number of countries across the globe, such as Canada, the UK, Singapore, and Australia.

HLT33115 Certificate III in Health Services AssistanceDuration: 12 weeks
Language: English

Irish Edu Hub

The Modular Executive MBA programme aims to cultivate transformative leaders who possess a comprehensive understanding of advanced business concepts, strategies, and leadership principles. Through a dynamic and flexible curriculum, this programme aims to equip experienced professionals with the skills and insights necessary to excel in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. 

Modular Executive Masterclass Business Administration (MEMBA)Duration: The programme timeframe will range from six to eight months
Language: English

ACPF Group Centre

Enroll in the Professional Certificate in Beauty Management, a collaborative program with ACPF Group Centre. This course offers a strong foundation for those seeking careers in the expansive wellness industry. Participants gain valuable skills through a blend of seminars and hands-on training, preparing them for diverse job opportunities within this thriving field.

Professional Certificate in Beauty ManagementDuration: 1 Month