Celebrating 5-star employability at Raffles University

Raffles University Centre of Professional Development (RUCPD) celebrates Raffles University‘s recent achievement of a 4-star rating in the QS Star Rating 2024, reflecting the institution’s excellence across various aspects.

Special mention goes to the pivotal role of Raffles University Centre of Professional Development (RUCPD) in securing a 5-star rating in employability for Raffles University in the QS Star 2024.

RUCPD, through collaboration with industry partners, has played a crucial role in facilitating outstanding opportunities for students. Career preparation workshops, including resume building, career talks, and job fairs, have been instrumental.

Additionally, the professional attachments and internship experiences offered through these collaborations have been invaluable, enhancing students’ practical skills and readiness for the workforce. 

This 5-star achievement highlights RUCPD’s dedication to excellence, ensuring students are well-prepared for successful careers. We remain steadfast in our commitment to fostering a culture of excellence.

As we celebrate this milestone, we eagerly anticipate and welcome future collaborations with diverse industries. These partnerships will serve as invaluable platforms, providing university students with unparalleled industry-ready experiences. Our goal is to create an environment where students can actively engage in networking opportunities, fostering connections that bridge the gap between academia and the professional world. Through sustained collaboration and networking initiatives, RUCPD remains dedicated to shaping a future where our students thrive in their chosen fields with confidence and competence.

Understanding QS Stars 

QS Stars is a globally recognised rating system that allows prospective students to dive deep into the characteristics and strengths of universities. It assesses institutions based on various categories, such as programme quality, facilities, graduate employability, social responsibility, inclusiveness, and more. The methodology employed by QS Stars evaluates universities across numerous indicators within at least eight categories. After a thorough assessment, universities are assigned an overall star rating, which can range from 0 to 5+ stars based on their performance in the evaluation.

When it comes to choosing the right university for your higher education journey, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Students have unique needs and preferences, and universities offer a wide range of programs, facilities, and opportunities. That’s where the QS Stars University Ratings come into play, offering a comprehensive assessment that takes a closer look at what each university excels in. We are glad to announce that Raffles University has achieved a 4-star rating in the QS Stars University Ratings, a testament to Raffles commitment to excellence.