Ai in Education Forum

[27 – 29 February 2024]

The Raffles University Centre of Professional Development (RUCPD) attended the AI in Education Forum, presented by the Chartered Institute of Professional Certifications.

The forum aimed to explore the latest advancements in Ai-driven teaching, such as

  • integrating Ai-driven technologies in the classroom
  • personalised learning and Ai-enhanced adaptive learning systems
  • ethical consideration of Ai in education
  • preparing educator and students fro an Ai-powered future
  • addressing the digital divide and ensuring equitable access to Ai in education
  • real-world case studies and success stories from Ai-driven initiatives

During the forum, the Faculty Dean of AI & Robotics at Raffles University, Assoc. Prof. Dr Sasa Arsovski, also presented his latest innovation – MyAi Lecturer. MyAi Lecturer is an AI-driven, automated lesson preparation learning platform that enables users to simplify lesson preparation for educators by allowing easy uploading of PPTX presentations and automatically generating text notes and defining questions.