Executive Master of Psychology



Executive Master of Psychology


Operated by Raffles China, the Executive Master of Psychology programme offers a distinctive opportunity for business executives and working professionals in China to enhance their comprehension of the psychological principles that govern human behaviour. Tailored in Chinese to cater to the needs of local learners, this program strives to deliver a holistic and hands-on education in the realm of psychology. Its primary objective is to equip participants with the theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and research capabilities necessary to effectively apply psychological principles in their professional roles. By gaining insights into human behavior, emotion, motivation, and social interaction, participants will be enabled to make informed decisions in their workplaces.

Programme Length: One Year
Programme Delivery Mode: Online Learning
Programme Delivery Language: Chinese
Entry Requirements: A Bachelor’s Degree and with 2 years relevant working experience
Certificate Award: Raffles University Executive Master of Psychology
Tuition Fee: 42,800 RMB (Includes 2,000 RMB application fee)


This course helps students understand the basic process of psychological counseling, understand the psychological counseling techniques of different psychological schools, and lay a foundation for the subsequent study of the practical operation of psychological counseling techniques.

This module introduces students to theories of motivation and emotion. These theories will be related to learning theories. The influence of motivation on cognition and self-regulation will be briefly discussed.

This course introduces in detail the development, theory, application and influence of different schools of personality psychology to help students understand personality psychology as a whole.

This module introduces students to the field of cognitive psychology. Topics shall cover the major subareas within cognition, focusing on an understanding of the major theories, research findings, and practical applications associated with cognitive science applied to psychology.

The module will explore Freud and his circle, the origins of psychoanalytic and psychobiographic theories, and goes on to explore its development in the post-Freud era. A unique element of this module would be the evaluation of artistic works, such as paintings, movies, and poems, to illustrate the psychoanalytic theories.

This course provides a broad overview of the theories and methods of social psychology. The emphasis of the course is on the scientific understanding of individual behaviour in its social context. Topics to be discussed include impression formation, interpersonal attraction, prejudice and discrimination, attitudes, aggression, group psychology, and personality.

This module provides students with the knowledge and understanding to evaluate and influence consumer behaviour using psychological theories and practices

This module provides the students with fundamentals of cultural psychology and their implications for current/future practice in the context of a multi-cultural society and/or workplace.

This course helps students learn psychometric from the development of psychometrics and different types of scales. Understand the scope of application of different psychometric scales, analyze the data of learning scales, and understand the meaning of different data

This module provides an introduction to psychological research techniques and methodologies. Topics to be covered include the logic of research, the issues that must be considered in deciding how to study various psychological phenomena, and ways to address the difficulties posed by the limitations of specific studies. These issues will be illustrated through reference to the examples of research on various topics in psychology.

This module is designed to provide guided working/research experience to students. The student is expected to produce an original piece of research in an applied setting.

This course aims to provide students with valuable opportunities to gain in-depth insights into industry frontiers, corporate operational practices, and career development trends. Through a combination of field visits and/or workshops, students will be able to intuitively experience corporate culture, understand the operational models, technological innovations, market strategies, and industry development trends in different sectors. This will enhance students’ practical abilities, innovative consciousness, and comprehensive competitiveness.


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